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Dr Schreiber's Medical Lectures: Powerpoint presentations on General Rheumatology - aimed at doctors! Click on the talk below to open it in full.

Joint Injections

Feel free to review this medical lecture, prepared in July 2014, on the current state of play in joint injections. This covers the rather limited evidence base for many of the injections so commonly done today.

Rheumatology update 2013

This was a talk to a varied audience of mostly general practitioners on hot topics in Rheumatology, with an emphasis on recent publications and articles which may change current management.

Adolescent Rheumatology

I have a special interest in adolescent rheumatology. This presentation summarised the classification and treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis. It was written and presented to colleagues at the Royal Free in 2012 when I launched our new adolescent rheumatology service.

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