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Are you suffering from aches and pains? We're here to help


We believe in thinking broadly and holistically about our patients. Whether there's pain in a joint or something you can't quite put your finger on, we are well placed to offer an integrated service to rapidly reach a diagnosis and treatment plan.


We offer a comprehensive and efficient service, with an initial consultation and a detailed medical report and a clear management plan through which we will guide you.

Dr. Benji Schreiber

London Private Rheumatologist

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What patients and colleagues say

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"He was and is, simply the best, and the most wonderful doctor that we have ever known.
I don’t have the words to hand other than to say he is an absolute credit to his profession, a wonderful man and a someone of whom the Royal Free should be proud."

"Thank you so much for giving me your complete attention and ample time to explain my concerns.
To be honest with you, l had given up faith in actually ever meeting a doctor who didn’t treat me like a manikin on a conveyer belt."

"I am always very impressed with
Dr Schreiber’s professional approach with his patients and staff.
I have come to know him well over the years and can truly say he is one of a kind."

What does Rheumatology cover?



Pain, stiffness, swelling or redness at or near joints and
restricted movements


Soft tissue and muscles

Includes pains along tendons, over bones and between



Any previous fractures or loss of height, vitamin D deficiency,
postmenopausal women, the elderly



Chronic pain syndromes that can affect pretty much the whole body

Our approach

  • As a physician, I strive to ensure my patients feel listened to, well informed and well treated. 

  • A positive experience for a patient begins from the moment of referral. We aim to provide a responsive service, with excellent secretarial support from the first encounter - whether by website contact form, email or phone.

  • We strive to provide available appointments within a short time period, and one of our excellent private facilities.

  • It is important that you - the patient - feels well informed at every step of the way. We provide written information on fees so everything is spelt out and clear, and information on the venue so you find your way easily, they are also on the website here.

  • We aim to provide you with plenty of time at consultation to go through the issue, to discuss previous investigations and treatments and to agree and explain a management plan.

  • We strive to ensure a smooth process through any investigations or treatments that may be required and a timely follow up to ensure that the treatment is going to plan.

  • We harness the latest medical technology and evidence-based practice to provide you with the very best assessment, diagnosis, and treatment available. On a personal note, I strive to be compassionate, respectful and listening. 

Certified London Rheumatologist


Certified Expert Witness

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University College London
Degree in Medicine
Masters in Medical Education
Doctorate in Medical Research
Honorary Associate Professor

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Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians

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